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Not Just Sums
Product Range

Not Just Sums provides a variety of resources for use in the secondary mathematics classroom. All of the resources we offer have been designed using proven educational principles tested in a real classroom. We aim to provide materials that are easy to integrate into current schemes of work, to enrich both teaching and learning and reduce the planning and assessment workload faced by teachers.

At present, our product range includes a resource pack aimed at National Curriculum level 5 (GCSE grade E equivalent), which are suitable for more able primary students, the majority of students working through Key Stage 3 and foundation level GCSE candidates. The resources between them cover all the learning objectives required for National Curriculum level 5. Our level 6 scheme of work is now also available. This resource pack is aimed at National Curriculum level 6 (GCSE grade D equivalent) and is suitable for very able primary students through to foundation level GCSE students.

As well as our main level-based resource packs, we also provide special resource packs at different times of year and to tie in with major sports events. At present, there are four Christmas resource packs available.

Overview of Level-Based Resource Packs

Unit 5A  Rounding and estimation - Quadrilaterals - Construction and maps
Unit 5B  Fractions, decimals and percentages - Algebra basics - Probability
Unit 5C  Positive and negative numbers - Comparing data - Rotations - Formulae and equations
Unit 5D  Indices, cubes and cuboids - Graphs - Pie charts

Unit 6A  BIDMAS - Angles - Algebra skills
Unit 6B  Calculator Skills - Perimeter and Area - Grouped Data
Unit 6C  Construction - Fractions and Decimals - Probability
Unit 6D  Brackets - 3D Shapes - Displaying Data

For a full list of all resources included in each of our units please see our full resource listing.

About the Level-Based Resource Packs

Each pack provides an overview including a suggested scheme of work for the topics included. The scheme of work is closely mapped to the relevant National Curriculum levels and objectives for teaching secondary mathematics. A variety of resources are provided to meet each learning objective:
Presentations  These can be used on an interactive whiteboard to present new ideas and techniques that will be used during the topic, or used by individual students for revision later on. In order to open these presentations you need Microsoft PowerPoint or the free PowerPoint Viewer.
Worksheets  Clearly differentiatied worksheets allow students to learn and develop new skills and techniques as well as providing opportunities to consolidate learning, apply knowledge to problem solving tasks and extend their own learning.
Practice Sheets  Designed to be used alongside the main worksheets, the practice sheets provide hundreds of questions to further consolidate learning. These provide an ideal way to assess learning as a homework or revision task.
Extra Activities  Each unit of work contains a wealth of extra activities sheets to help plan into outstanding lessons to keep learners engaged throughout the topic. These include puzzles, games, group activities and investigations. A generic investigation planning structure is also included and can be used by students undertaking mathematical investigation at any level.
Interactive Components  There are a wide variety of interactive components included in each unit of work, to be used as starters, plenaries or discussion points throughout the topics. These are provided in Flash format and can be opened in most web browsers, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, or the standalone Flash Player.
Tests  Each unit contains a written test and a mental test, covering topics from the unit and giving a benchmark assessment tool for a whole class group. The written tests are designed to be printed off easily for whole class use, or a single version can be photocopied where this is easier.
Teachers' Notes and Solutions  Each unit comes with teachers' notes to explain the objectives, suggested scheme of work and included activities. There are also full solutions to all worksheets, practice sheets and tests to enable accurate assessment of student progress with minimal effort.
Unless otherwise stated, all files are in PDF format and can be opened in the free Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other PDF viewer.

Purachsing Options

Different licences may be purchased to suit your requirements. Please see our purchase page for more information.
Level-based resource packs will be provided on a CD for your convenience and will be sent by recorded delivery, which is provided free of charge.

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