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Free Sample Resources

You are welcome to download and use these free resources in your classroom. These samples are provided without any limitation on where they may be used, please feel free to distribute them to anyone else that you believe may find them useful.

Samples from the level 5 resource pack:

LEVEL 5 RESOURCES PACK - The resources are taken from the first topic in our level 5 scheme of work - rounding and estimation - and represent the variety of resources that are available for each topic in the scheme of work. Includes: Presentation, 2 worksheets, 2 extra activities, a practice sheet and an interactive estimation grid. Provided as a zip file.
LEVEL 5 WORKSHEET 39 (Solution) - Differentiated worksheet on the topic of nets.
LEVEL 5 PRACTICE SHEET 18 (Solution) - Worksheet with hundreds of consolidation/revision questions on substitution.
LEVEL 5 EXTRA ACTIVITY 7 - Quadrilaterals dominoes for use as a group game in class. The game is played using normal dominoes rules.

Samples from the football resource pack:

WORLD CUP WORKSHEET 2 (Solution) - A football themed worksheet using co-ordinates in the first quadrant.
WORLD CUP WORKSHEET 13 (Solution) - A football themed worksheet with equivalent fractions and decimals.
WORLD CUP WORKSHEET 17 (Solution) - A football themed worksheet investigating the probability of the World Cup.

Samples from the Christmas resource packs:

CHRISTMAS PACK 1 WORKSHEET 1 (Solution) - A Christmas themed worksheet using co-ordinates in the first quadrant.
CHRISTMAS PACK 2 WORKSHEET 25 (Solution) - A Christmas themed worksheet which uses factorisation of quadratic equations to create a festive picture.
CHRISTMAS PACK 3 WORKSHEET 28 (Solution) - A Christmas themed worksheet about density, volume and mass.

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