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Not Just Sums
Innovative Maths Resources

Try out our maths keepy uppy challenge!

We supply innovative teaching and learning resources for secondary mathematics. The resources provided by Not Just Sums have been developed in consultation with real maths teachers and students, and have proved to be effective in several working classrooms as part of our development process.

The Not Just Sums Philosophy

At Not Just Sums we believe that every student deserves outstanding lessons with engaging resources, without burdening teachers with hours of lesson planning and resource creation. Using our unique combination of different formats, we allow any teacher to easily achieve a consistent culture of teaching excellence in their classroom.

The Not Just Sums resource packs include a combination of worksheets, presentations, group activities, puzzles, investigations, interactive start tasks, consolidation activities and demonstration tools. Each unit is also provided with comprehensive teacher notes and a suggested scheme of work.

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